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General Biosystems (Anhui) Corporation Limited is a joint venture in China invested by General Biosystems, Inc. U.S. and Anhui Tianda Group Co., Ltd. Anhui Tianda Group Co., Ltd. is a well-known large private enterprise which specializes in manufacturing for over 40 years. General Biosystems (Anhui) Corporation Limited, in possession of a team of world famous experts and strong innovation strength, is a high-tech company committed to the research and development of products and services related to Biosystems Engineering, Biomedicine, Bioindustry, Biological Agriculture, Bioenvironment and so on.

Scientists from General Biosystems, Inc. have developed a new generation high-throughput automatic gene synthesis technique. This technique realizes the intelligent and automatic control of gene synthesis, which is a major breakthrough for existing biosynthesis technology. With broad application prospect, it can also greatly improve and precisely control gene and protein expression and ameliorate protein structure and performance.

Having imported the state-of-the-art biosynthesis techniques, General Biosystems (Anhui) Corporation Limited provides services for biology related researches and applications to satisfy the needs of high-throughput, high-fidelity and low-cost synthesis and construction of large fragment DNA for gene and genome. Our new techniques are of obvious advantage regarding the speed and cost of gene synthesis which can be applied in front-line scientific research areas such as Genomics, Synthetic Biology, Systems Biology as well as emerging fields like Biotransformation, Biofabrication, Biomedicine, Bioenergy and Biochemistry.

With rich experience, advanced design software and unique technical advantage, General Biosystems can carry out large-scale gene and protein sequence redesign and provide fast and accurate synthesis of large gene libraries. We can perform gene and protein expressions and functional screens according to customer specified environment and conditions to obtain the best gene sequences and target protein with high expression, high solubility and better performance.

Through the design and optimization of gene sequences, General Biosystems can help customers synthesize and select clones with high protein expression levels and better solubility and express and purify customer needed target protein without changing the protein sequences of the expressed protein. General Biosystems can also assist customers to design and synthesize codon optimized protein variant gene libraries, express all clones as a mixture or individually, and screen for target protein with better performance.

Together with General Biosystems, Inc., we are dedicated to provide high-quality products and services with competitive prices for all customers.

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